“I just had the pleasure of working with James McNally owner of Project Safety Management. James came on board as a replacement safety manager on a recent plant upgrade project at Chrysler. His dedication to safety and ability to implement a well-reasoned safety atmosphere brought about a safety culture with all the contractors on-site. We completed the project with no recordable or lost time injuries.
This is a testament to his ability to identify and evaluate safety hazards.
I look forward to working with Project Safety Management again”

- Daniel Marinchick, Professional Construction Manager

“I have had the pleasure of working with James McNally and Project Safety Management on my last project. In the 34 years I have been performing Project and Construction Management, James ranks as one of the finest Safety Managers I have ever been associated with. His dedication to safety and true professionalism are surpassed by none. His unique blend of safety awareness and employee involvement should a allow him to be a success on any project large or small. I would highly recommend James and Project Safety Management as a valued member of your next project.”

- W. Scott Barnes, Construction Manager, VISTA II

“This was my first experience having an outside safety professional on site during a major project. The performance of James McNally was second to none. The project was not an easy one. It was very complex and very fast moving. James was on top of every aspect of this project from start to finish. I felt a great sense of security knowing that safety would be handled as the top priority with James on site. The services offered by James and Project Safety Management was a tremendous asset. I highly recommend this service for anyone approaching a major project or with industrial safety needs.”
- Rusty S., Loss Prevention Manager