Project Safety Management specializes in construction safety management, bringing a professional, proactive approach to project safety without dramatically increasing costs or negatively affecting project timelines.

When you make Project Safety Management part of your team, you take a critical step towards safeguarding your workers, your project timelines and quality, and your company’s solid safety reputation.

James McNally
Chief Safety and Resilience Engineer
Founder and CEO, Project Safety Management Co.

James McNally is the founder of Project Safety Management and has served as a loss prevention expert witness for a Big 3 automotive manufacturer. McNally has over 12 years of extensive field experience on numerous projects, focused on making sure they were completed on time, on budget, and SAFELY.

He was recognized by the commonwealth of Kentucky for leadership in one of the largest trade associations in the US. McNally has also been published by Business Legal Resource. Additionally, McNally has worked internally at the corporate level leading the standardization of project start-up and management systems integration.